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CAARSEA Community Cares

Hey There

CAARSEA Community Cares is a space for community members to donate items or financial contributions to families and students in the Colonial School District experiencing housing or financial insecurity. 


Together with the homeless liaison for the school district, we work to identify the current needs of these students and families, and create a space for the community to share and donate much needed items to increase the housing stability of these families.


In the spirit of equity, we hope to provide all students the opportunities and resources they need to thrive in our community. Check back frequently to see the list of current needs.

Current Needs for Families

  • None at this time.

To provide donations, please email us at with the subject line "CCC Donations"

Partnership with the Colonial School District

CAARSEA connects directly with the Home and School Visitor/Homeless and Foster Care Liaison for Colonial School District, Meghann Radick. Mrs. Radick's has twenty years of professional experience working directly with students and families, including the roles of home and school visitor/homeless and foster care liaison for the Norristown School District, Education Coordinator for the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth, and the Assistant Director of Residential Services for the Pathway School.

Mrs. Radick works directly with students in the district experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness.  She is knowledgeable about current grants and resources the school district is able to offer its students, but often sees a family having outstanding needs they cannot meet without risking housing instability.  Our goal is to work with Mrs. Radick, who can protect the confidentiality of these families, and provide a space for community members to provide support in the form of donations and contributions.

​ "Being able to work in my current role in the Colonial School District has been a dream of mine.  I am passionate about working with students and families in helping to identify and overcome barriers to academic and social/emotional success.  I am always looking to make community connections and develop relationships with community members and organizations with the goal of being able to offer support and resources to the students and families that I serve.  I take my role as the Homeless Liaison very serious.  I make it a priority to keep myself educated on The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act laws so that I can best serve students and families.  It takes as village, and I am beyond happy to be part of the CSD village!" - Ms. Radick, CSD

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