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Introducing: Helping Hands!

Updated: Feb 2

Volunteers from the CAARSEA membership and our greater community span all ages! To ensure our youngest members have opportunities to volunteer and give back, CAARSEA has introduced Helping Hands, a kid-friendly event the Friday evening before our Monthly Unhoused Outreach.

Tell me more. What will the kids do?

With room for 15 kids at each of our two sessions, Helping Hands! engages kids in packing essentials bags and crafting messages of care and support on our outreach lunch bags.

What age is this appropriate for?

We suggest ages 5+, but you know your kids best. We ask that kids be able to stuff bags and craft messages of hope with your supervision.

How do I sign up my kids?

Each month, a sign-up form will be posted in CAARSEA's (private) Facebook page. Sign up your kids for your preferred time slot and plan to join them for a one-hour session. (Note: This is an event for your children and you. We can not supervise drop off).

I need more information.

If Facebook isn't your thing, or you need more information, please contact our Unhoused Coordinator Rachel directly at

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