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January Outreach Report

Unhoused Outreach Coordinator Rachel G. shared this report on the January Unhoused Outreach:

"I wanted to give you a breakdown of donations that were handed out today to our unhoused community.

We supplied:

  • 160 lunches

  • 200 pairs of new socks

  • 224 pairs of gloves hats and scarves

  • 56 essential care item bags

  • 112 pairs of pants

  • 224 shirts

  • 100 coats

  • 25 blankets

  • 7 sleeping bags

  • 5 tents

  • 3 cases of water

  • 4 cases of protein drinks

  • And over 10 pounds of snacks!!!


I humbly thank all of you who help make this possible for us to do."

**Our thanks to Rachel and all of those who give each month to support our neighbors in need. You can join Rachel and her team by supplying some of the clothing and essential items listed each month, providing fresh fruit and snacks, transporting items to the site (10am-12pm), or signing up to work at the monthly event from 12-2 pm. (additional set up time may be required).

See the CAARSEA Facebook page for the newest sign-up links. Or, contact Rachel directly at

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